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We at OfficeMind are dedicated to the pursuit of good health through the improvement of our posture whilst we work.

In today’s business world, we all spend long hours seated at our desks, which is having a serious adverse impact on our well-being. Working in the Chiropractic industry, we see the results of this every day with patients suffering a wide range of issues from neck, shoulder and back pains, headaches and migraines, to sciatica and arthritis.
With more people now working from home, spinal and posture-related injuries are increasing due to the inadequacies of our outdated workstations. If you are sitting at your desk in bad posture and are generally sedentary throughout the day, you are setting yourself up for some serious problems in the future.
To overcome these issues, we have sourced a broad range of high-quality office furniture at the most reasonable prices to ensure that you can work healthily and comfortably without putting extra burden on your body.
All of our furniture is produced by leading manufacturers in conjunction with medical advisors and will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

We strongly believe that Prevention is better than cure and would recommend everyone to review their working conditions and opt for an improved life going forward.

– Jacqui Camp, Director & Chiropractic Assistant

What is ergonomic furniture?

Ergonomic furniture is designed to solve the problems caused by workers spending many long hours behind a desk by providing support functions and comfort, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, back issues, neck pains, arthritis, restricted organs and poor blood pressure.

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Why invest in ergonomic furniture?

Quite simply, ergonomic furniture reduces pain by fixing the workers’ posture, realigning their spine, prevents arthritis and reduces the number of work-related injuries overall. Also, when the worker is comfortable and in less pain, they are more likely to experience a boost in productivity.

Why OfficeMind?

We are not manufacturers of the furniture and therefore are not tied to promoting a specific chair or desk. Using our experience and guidance from medical professionals, we source the best products from multiple suppliers to provide our clients with the best choice possible

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Are you a business?

Simply download the below bulk order form, fill out the details and send it back to us! We will provide you with a quote based on your requirements and needs – usually a discount of around 10-15%.


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