Ergonomic office chairs are an investment – to improve your way of work, improve your health, promote better wellness, and to live an overall better lifestyle. It is important to invest in the best chair possible to suit your individual requirements. Back and muscular pain are some of the most common ailments suffered by people today. Treating these types of pain results in the health service costs of over £1.6 billion per year in the UK and accounts for over 12 million days of sick leave every year. 
How do we resolve this? Changing the bad habits that cause back pain. For office workers, most of their time is spent at their desk with standard office chairs that promote bad postural habits and lack of support. Investing in proper furniture with proper support is crucial to prevent bad habits from forming and health conditions from occurring.


Ergonomic furniture is designed to solve the problems caused by workers spending many long hours behind a desk by providing support functions and comfort, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, back issues, neck pains, arthritis, restricted organs and poor blood pressure. Ergonomic furniture reduces pain by fixing the workers’ posture, realigning their spine, prevents arthritis and reduces the number of work-related injuries overall. Also, when the worker is comfortable and in less pain, they are more likely to experience a boost in productivity.


All of our ergonomic office chairs are chiropractor endorsed. Leading chiropractic healthcare professional Robert Bateman has tested and endorsed our ergonomic chairs. Using our experience and guidance from medical professionals, we source the best products from multiple suppliers to provide our clients with the best choice possible. We guarantee a price match for all of our products as well as a 2 year mechanical guarantee. Here at OfficeMind we have a goal to improve the way people work in the most healthy and efficient way possible.
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