Having the right posture when working at your desk is crucial to prevent long term medical conditions. Our extensive range of ergonomic office chairs are designed specifically to enhance and provide the necessary support to suit your individual needs.  Choose from our range of chairs from task chairs, executive chairs, saddle and kneeling chairs through to medium and high back chairs.  Your body will certainly thank you for it!
Our ergonomic chairs have been designed for maintaining optimum spinal health. Our spine carries a number of roles in ensuring a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our spine is involved in protecting our spinal cord, a column of nerves that send communication from the brain to the body. Without this, our organs and muscle could not function. It is important, even when seated, to ensure good posture and correct spinal alignment – allowing the spine to function at its best. 
Now endorsed by Chiropractor Dr. Robert Bateman, our chairs have been designed scientifically to help support our spine. Our ergonomic chairs have been intelligently designed to enhance correct spinal alignment/correct posture, the 3 natural curves of the spine, and ample support for our whole body whilst we work. Although chairs are accurately designed for optimal health, the control is in your hands. With over 8 adjustments, all with different functions, you are able to customise your chair to suit exactly what you need to work your best. 

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