How to organise your office desk to perfection

How to organise your office desk

Having an organised and clear desk is one of the most beneficial ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and comfort whilst working. Your desk often reflects on and impacts your personality, mental condition, and habits.

Whether you’re working from home or working in an office, organising your desk is the key to making the most out of your work days and improving the way that YOU work. 

Here are 10 ways that we recommend for you to organise your office desk to perfection.

Remove the Clutter! – get rid of things you don’t need! 

A good start to organising your desk is to decide what you need and what you don’t need on your desk. Keep your desk clean and minimal by only having essential items on your desk. A messy desk can lead to frustration, distraction, and unproductivity.

Our tip: Every Monday, clear your desk and get rid of all the extra bits on your desk that you probably don’t need! Only keep the essentials that you use on a daily basis. A fresh start is always the best start to a working week.

How to organise your office desk

There’s a Place for Everything! – have a designated space for your items 

Do you get annoyed when you can’t find that one thing you need? It can get very frustrating when you are looking for something you know you have but can’t find! Let’s change this – have a designated space for everything on your desk. Keep all your stationery in one place, folders in one place, wires in one place, important documents in one place etc. Trust us, this will make it 10x easier when you’re trying to find something.

Our tip: Keep all similar items together and keep them organised.

How to organise your office desk

Plan, Plan & Track! – use a planner/calendar on your desk

Keep track of tasks you need to complete by keeping a planner or calendar on your desk to organise your working day. Keep your day organized just as much as your desk. Prioritise each task and complete according to their priority level – this will make sure you are productive with your day and doing exactly what you need to do! Keeping a planner/calendar right by your desk ensures satisfaction and fulfilment at the end of each day. Utilising a planner/calendar can also help you write goals and aims for the future.

Our tip: Each morning, write everything you need to do for the day. Be realistic in what you can achieve and specific with what you are going to do.

How to organise your office desk

Structure Your Technology! – organise your computer/laptop

Just like an office desk, your desktop or laptop can get very messy… and quick! When cleaning up your desk, it is also important to clear your computer and remove and delete any unnecessary documents and files. Also don’t forget to take regular back-ups of your data.

Our tip: Keep your desktop organised by creating folders for everything. Make it easy and simple for yourself to find exactly what you need on your device! 

How to organise your office desk

White space! – make some space

Create a ‘white space’ on your desk. This means to leave about a page size area clear on your dominant side. This makes it easier for when it comes to writing or signing documents. You won’t need to move (or even throw) things around just to be able to write on your desk. 

Our tip: Make sure that this space is within easy reach and can be kept clear at all times without impacting your other daily work

How to organise your office desk

Clear your Inbox! – organise your emails

There is nothing worse than opening your email and seeing 3,421 unread emails in your inbox! It’s time to clear your inbox and create a folder/priority system to label different types of emails. Clearing and cleaning your inbox ensures that you see the right emails, know their priority, and which ones to reply to first. 

Our tip: Manage your emails, don’t let your emails manage you.  Prioritise emails as they are received and work on the urgent ones first.  Check regularly to ensure they don’t mount up.

How to organise your office desk

Go paperless! – it’s more than just saving trees

Using notebooks and paper can create a lot of mess on your desk. To avoid lots of paperwork, filing, and post-it notes why not try going paperless? The 21st century has given us a number of different platforms and software programs that we can utilise to keep organised. Keeping your documents and files online means no more paper everywhere, and no more lost files!  When your documents are online, they’re available online forever. Keep them on a storage drive so that no matter where you go, you’ve always got them. It also makes it easier for you to share with coworkers and edit together. 

Our tip: Invest in a good scanner that will enable you to digitise any paper documents, invoices, advices, receipts etc, that you may receive.  Store these digital files on your equipment and file the paper away somewhere just in case you may need it in the future.

How to organise your office desk

Stick a Label on it! – label everything

What better way to stay organised than by labelling everything, literally everything. It may seem tedious but it is a crucial part for staying organised at your desk. Not only does labeling make everything more neat and tidy, but it will make your job 10x easier when it comes to trying to find something. Once everything is labelled, you’re more likely to be more tidy when you’re putting everything away and placing them where they need to be. It will also make it easier for your co-workers to find exactly what they need and put it back exactly where it needs to be. 

Our tip: Be super efficient by colour-coding your labels to make things even easier to find and group together  

How to organise your office desk

Reduce the Yellow! – minimise the post-its 

Grabbing a post-it and writing a note ultimately leads to an inevitable messy desk. Although it is easy, quick, and ensures you don’t forget anything, it can be a MAJOR distraction in the workplace especially when they are all stuck directly in front of you. It’s time to have a post-it detox. Minimise the number of post-its used to maintain cleanliness and tidiness in your office and to avoid chaos and distraction.

Our tip: Try digital post-its or by making notes in your planner/calendar. This way it’s all in one place and organised.

How to organise your office desk

Personalize to Inspire Yourself– add meaningful objects to your desk

At the end of the day, it is your desk, so add a personal touch to make it extra special and homely to you. Add a couple of meaningful things to your desk to remind you of what you’re working for and why you’re working for it. Work may be stressful at times but it should be enjoyable as well!  Add a photo, object, inspirational quote, etc to make your desk, YOUR desk.

Our tip: If you have space in your working environment, why not have a potted plant.  Besides purifying the air and keeping your lungs clean and head fresh, the potted greens can reduce stress and are actually amazing productivity boosters.

How to organise your office desk


Try all or some of the above suggestions and we are sure that you can make your office surroundings a more pleasant place, and with that kind of motivation, and organisation, you will be able to achieve anything!

If you think this was helpful, please let us know!

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